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SHEFS experts have shared their thoughts and findings on many different aspects of the project in some of the world’s leading science journals. Read on to discover more.


Dietary transitions and inequalities:

Adaptations to climate change (with a focus on neglected and underutilised species)

Livestock systems:

Work of global relevance:

  • SHEFS methodological and scenario work has included a scoping review of adaptation strategies and health, a media analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on chicken systems, and an operationalisation of the water-energy-food nexus:

  • Members of the SHEFS research team have also used their expertise in spatial analysis methods to produce mapping work on irrigated areas and to evaluate land suitability methods:

Hungry for change: fixing the failures in food.

House of Lords Paper 85. Select Committee on Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment – SHEFS contributed to this report. 2020.

The natural capital framework for sustainably efficient and equitable decision making.

Nature Sustainability. BATEMAN, I. J. & MACE, G. M.  2020.